Box jumps have always been a challenge for me but today I changed my mindset towards it and I surprised myself. Was able to jump 48”. Now that I know I can do it, is all about getting better at it!!💪😤

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Everyday no matter what’s going on, don’t let anything stop you from working in yourself and pushing your limits!

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Love being able to share my story in front of the room. You never know who’s watching and who you will inspire. My intention is to motivate people to start on their own journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

If you’re ready to start your journey and reach your health goals, contact me.


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1 week ago

Just made this awesome shake packed with 39 grams of protein and all your recommended daily allowance of minerals and nutrients!!

What’s in it?
• Rebuild Strength (#1 post recovery shake/ whey and casein protein)
• Pralines and cream
• Cinnamon
• Almond syrup (sugar free)

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Me awaiting customer service

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